Learning a language is like cracking a secret code.

Learning a language is like cracking a secret code. 🕵️‍🕵️‍🕵️‍
In the beginning it feels hard. You have no clue what is going on. It sometimes feels impossible to understand this pattern you have never seen before.

Every language has a pattern of its own.

For example, verbs tell us what action is taking place in every language.
In Swedish, verbs also tell us “when”. 🇸🇪 Pratar = speak + now.
In Spanish, verbs don’t only give us information about what action it is and when. Verbs also hold information on who is doing it. 🇪🇸 Hablo = speak + now + me.

Languages in general and grammar in particular is much easier to manage if you think about it as a code you have to crack, categorize and understand.

Once you know the patterns everything starts making sense. There are of course some exceptions to the rules but they are not that common.

Learning a language is no different from reading music or programming. That is probably why some of my best students are programmers and musicians.

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