Swedish courses

Our New live Fun Swedish courses via Zoom start again in a few Days! 🇸🇪🥳.

If you are tired of Rivstart and want to try learning Swedish in a Fun way 😜. Come and join us! And learn Swedish in a fun way.

This time we will have 5 week courses 😊. Last set of courses before the summer.
With levels from Kanelbulle+ (beginners 2) to Smörgåstårta+ (Upper intermediate). And everything in between!

Click the link to the level you want and sign up!
Kanelbulle (semi beginners)Köttbullar (Upper Beginner)Falukorv (Lower Intermediate)Lingon (Intermediate) and Smörgåstårta (Upper intermediate).

Unsure which Swedish level is best for you? Click the links and read the descriptions!

Spanska nybörjare prova-på

¡Hola! Är du sugen på att lära dig spanska?  🇪🇸😁.

Under januari månad kommer vi att hålla i ett antal prova-på tillfällen för nybörjare. Du kan välja mellan följande tillfällen:

  • Måndagen den 4:e januari 2021 kl. 19.15 – 20:45. FULLBOKAT!
  • Torsdagen den 7:e januari 2021 kl. 17.30 – 19:00. FULLBOKAT!
  • Måndagen den 11:e januari 2021 kl. 19.15 – 20:45. FULLBOKAT!
  • Torsdagen den 14:e januari 2021 kl. 17.30 – 19:00. FULLBOKAT!
  • Måndagen den 18:e januari 2021 kl. 19.15 – 20:45. NYHET!

Plats: På Zoom (Vi skickar mer info vid intresseanmälan men allt du behöver är en dator + hörlurar). 

Prova-på lektionerna är gratis.

Nivå: 100% Nybörjare. Skulle du vara intresserad av en högre nivå kontakta oss.

Gå in på länken för anmälan så får du svar inom 24 timmar. Om du inte får svar inom 24 timmar kolla din spam inkorg. Våra mejl hamnar ibland där.

Swedish lessons for companies

Improve the wellbeing of your employees by providing them with fun and engaging Swedish lessons as a benefit for you company employees.


People often describe learning Swedish as a painful and slow process. Our aim is to change that. We believe that learning Swedish can and should be fun and engaging, and we are ready to prove it.


You value the time of your employees just as much as they do. Well, so do we. That is why we keep our sessions short and sweet.

We usually attend your office, but have moved almost all classes to online Zoom sessions since the COVID-19 situation.

We have a 1 hour session once per week with groups divided by proficiency. Each group has a maximum of 10 participants.


Try us out. We offer free trial lessons so that your employees can decide for themselves if they like our style of teaching. At the same time we can assess their level of proficiency. 


Contact us below and we will be in touch shortly.