Swedish levels names

Here is a guide to our course level names. At the moment we are opening courses for Blåbär (100% beginners), Kanelbulle (semi beginners), Meatballs (lower intermediate)and Falukorv (upper intermediate). All starting very soon. Click on the links to get all the information.

Blåbär. The Blueberry is a great introduction to the Swedish life. A simple fruit found in many other parts of the world. (Complete beginner)

Kanelbulle. The Kanelbulle is the king of Swedish pastries. Due to its broad appeal, variations of it can be bought all around the world in cafes and bakeries. (Semi beginner)

Meatballs. Meatballs are a popular dish around the world. But these are not your ordinary meatballs. These are Swedish meatballs, with lingonberry jam for full effect. You won’t find these combination outside of Sweden. You are now entering Swedishness (Upper beginner).

Falukorv. An everyday meal for many Swedes. The falukorv marks another step forward into being fully Swedish. (Lower Intermediate)

Lingon. The lingon berry is a hallmark of Swedish cuisine. No real dish of Swedish meatballs is fully Swedish if is does not have lingon jam in it. Few know about it and even fewer like it. An acquired taste after a long time of eating them this way. (Intermediate).

Smörgåstårta. Even having the knowledge and skill to be able to order a smörgåstårta shows how much Swedish you know. (Upper Intermediate)

Smultron. Anyone can eat berries. But the smultron is among the rarest of berries. Even knowing they exists requires high levels of Swedishness. And finding them is nearly impossible (Lower advanced)

Janssons frestelse. An obscure dish to many, but not to you. You are at this point so advanced in your Swedish that you hope for Kalle Anka every year and go straight to the Janssons frestelse in the julbord before it runs out. (Advanced)

Surströmming. You are now reaching levels of Swedish that are almost off the charts. Swedes might doubt if you are a Swede as well or not. Especially those who have not dared to try surströmming yet. (Upper advanced)

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